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fi_logoWelcome to the Fillosophie website. The name “Fillosophie” is a portmanteau of “fille” (“girl” or “woman”, in French) and “philosophie” (“philosophy”, in French). Our group is made up of graduate students in philosophy at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), which is a French-speaking university in Canada.

Our goal is to foster the active presence of women in philosophy and encourage them to do research in the field. In order to do this, we have decided to start within our own department. We propose a series of monthly talks (usually held on Wednesdays) which last between 30 and 50 minutes, followed by some time for discussion and some time for social interaction. The theme of each talk is chosen by the person giving it, who is, preferably, a female graduate student in our department — but we also consider conference propositions from other people in academia.

fillosophie noir blancWomen have an important role in philosophy and this is what Fillosophie would like to show. We would love for female undergraduates, especially those who intend to continue their studies in philosophy, to notice the presence of women in the department and to realize that women are active in the philosophical milieu in all levels of study and research. Organizing a series of talks also offers female graduate students the opportunity to showcase their projects, to discuss them and to feel more confident in their work environment. Our group hopes to participate in the making of a more convivial environment for women in philosophy.

The idea for this project came from the realization that the number of women working in the department is significantly lower than the number of men. It actually seems hard for some female students to express themselves, to participate and to find their place in this male-dominated field. This situation can be a source of discomfort for some, occasionally leading them to abandon philosophy.

We find it necessary for women to be more assertive in their work environment. Thus, through our events, we wish to promote the active presence of women and the success of their research in the department, while also creating a welcoming environment and a safe space for all philosophy students.

Our events are held with the support of UQAM’s Philosophy Department, the UQAM Association of Graduate Students in Philosophy, and the UQAM Association of Undergraduate Students in Philosophy. We have also received financial support from the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

fillosophie prixAll our conferences are free and open to the public. Each conference is followed by a small cocktail, suitable for inclusive, social interaction.

We are also happy to announce we have received the UQAM award for project of the year (2013-2014) in the « Society, Communication and Education » category.

Feel free to get in touch with us in the « contact » tab. Fillosophie speaks French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can also « like » us on Facebook.

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  2. This is really fantastic! Thank you for all you are doing for philosophy. It has a brighter future because you are in it.

  3. This absolutely super. Congrats to you five. I will most certainly be attending a conference.

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